Posted by Arthur at June 28, 2011

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A well-written script is the single most important ingredient in making a successful motion picture or television show. Story, narrative structure, character development, dialogue, scale, narrative scope and shelf-life are essential elements for every writer – whether TV or film – to understand and master.

The biggest writers in the world today write for both TV and film (click here for a great article about it in the June 5, 2011 LA Times), with writers often saying we’re in the “Golden Age of Television.” Additionally, it’s vital that writers understand the business side of television and film: How do you get your script sold? How do you get it produced? How do you get representation? How does a writer maintain creative control? Most writers today have multi-hyphenate titles like Writer-Producer or Writer-Director in order to maintain some control over their work. But how do you write an amazing script and then get it sold?

The TV/Film Summit brings together both worlds – the craft of writing the best script you can, along with the knowledge of the business and how to sell your script – in a two-day seminar that promises to educate and give light to the realities of how writers writer, and how working writers sell their work. Six world-renowned speakers on the art and craft of writing for TV and film join together for two intense days of learning and instruction at the TV/Film Summit, the most complete weekend ever put together covering both the craft and business of writing for film and television.

TV/Film Summit – June 25-26, 2011

The Summit features three of the television industry’s top instructors – Ellen SandlerJen Grisanti and Chad Gervich – plus three legendary instructors from the screenwriting and filmmaking world – Chris Vogler, Linda Seger and Dov Simens – over two intense, twelve-hour days.

These six masters of the craft will provide you an unmatched depth and understanding of the TV and film worlds on both a craft and business level. Each speaker will each teach an intense 3 1/2-hour long session that will also include an opportunity for Q&A in which you’ll be able to follow up with any questions you may have. The speakers have taken the time to share their course outlines with each other to make sure they provide you the best, most engaging material possible without overlap.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear six of the most respected speakers on TV and film in a single two-day weekend. With the class size being strictly limited to 175 participants, TV/Film Summit in Los Angeles, the only TV/Film Summit event scheduled in 2011, will be a great and unique opportunity to hear some of the industry’s best and most-respected teachers in the world.

The TV/Film Summit Master Class is ideal for :

• Screenwriters • Film and TV Executives • Journalists
• TV Writers • Producers • Ad Execs
• Filmmakers • Directors • Actors
• Novelists • New Media Writers • More

TV/Film Summit’s Speakers consult and work with :

• Disney • A&E, FX, TLC • Endemol
• ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox • Peter Jackson • Warner Bros.
• Paramount • Sony • Weinstein Co.
• 20th Century Fox • Dreamworks • Many others

More than just a Master Class where you learn from speakers who not only teach, but are actively in the business, TV/Film Summit is an opportunity to network with others who are writing, producing and directing feature films and TV shows.